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NGK Ruthenium Spark Plugs Set of 6 350Z HR G35S



NGK Ruthenium Spark Plugs Set of 6 350Z HR G35S

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Set of 6

Nissan 350Z HR Infiniti G35S Sport Sedans VQ35HR Engines

NGK Ruthenium HX is designed for newer engines which demand high ignitability. Projected Square Platinum Electrode (PSPE) design promotes spark energy concentration and ignites a wider range of air-fuel ratios, offering improved performance in rich or lean engine conditions.

  • 0.4mm Ruthenium alloy fine wire center electrode and 0.8mm platinum fine wire ground electrode
  • Trivalent metal platinum provides superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties
  • Corrugated ribs prevent flashover
  • Pure alumina silicate ceramic insulator provides superior strength and better heat transfer
  • Copper core aids in heat removal


Modern engines demand more power while using less fuel, shortening the life of traditional iridium and platinum spark plugs. NGK’s patented ruthenium technology stands up better to wear to bring maximum durability and performance to your engine.

Stock Heat Range for 350Z HR G35S Sport Sedans, Dual Fine Wire Design.


Need 1 Step Colder Heat Range?  LKAR8BHK

1 step colder, Perfect for Boosted Applications or High Power NA Applications

Projected Flat Tip Projected Square Platinum Electrode (PSPE®):
provides the best ignitability and service life for
high heat engines. This NGK-patented design is
recommended for turbo and supercharged engines

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 1 × 1 in

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