Powertrix 300zx Twin Turbo Hicas Delete Kit



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Powertrix 300zx Twin Turbo Hicas Delete Kit

Designed for the twin turbo model, the HICAS Eliminator Bar is constructed of billet precision machined 6061 aluminum and includes 2 types of steering fluid re-circulation hardware for the 90-93 TT models. your choice of the (1) traditional banjo bolt re-circulation in the rear or (2) front bypass fitting that also eliminates the large solenoid on the passenger’s side wheel well in the engine bay. Both are included with the kit.

The HICAS (High Capacity Actively Controlled Suspension) is Nissan’s rear wheel steering system. Unfortunately most performance enthusiasts/experienced drivers do not like this feature as it gives the 300zx rear handling a vague and loose feeling during aggressive maneuvering as the HICAS will turn the rear wheels. Eliminating this rear steering feature gives the 300zx a more predictable feel and yields conventional manual steering correction.

During installation, is it a good idea, to replace to OEM tie rods that attach to the HICAS eliminator bar. As a regular maintenance precaution and due to age, it is typical for the ball joints in the OEM tie rods to be worn/loose. 94+ models will require 90-93 OEM rear tie rods for proper fitment with the eliminator bar.

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