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ZSpeed Multi Plate Metallic Twin Disk Triple Disk Race Clutch 700-1100 TQ Includes ZSpeed CMAK CSC Delete




ZSpeed Multi Plate Metallic Race Clutch 700-1100TQ

ZSpeed Twin and Triple Disk Race Clutch, Flywheel Kit + ZSpeed CMAK CSC Delete

The ZSpeed Twin and Triple Disk race clutches are full floating multi plate metallic clutch kits meant for very high power levels.

These kits are designed for high power cars for drag racing, ultra high power street, Drift, and Rally use.

Please choose the kit closest, yet slightly over to your cars RWTQ level, Do not over clutch if not needed.

If you car makes under 700 Rear Wheel Torque

  • Twin Disk 215mm  700RWTQ Total Clutch/Flywheel Weight 30.2lbs

If you car makes over 700 Rear Wheel Torque 

  • Triple Disk 215mm 1100RWTQ Total Clutch/Flywheel Weight 32.1lbs

Due to the full floating design, these are noisy with clutch pushed in and will rattle on low rpm starts.

Our single lightweight center drive hub design and 215mm low MOI disks reduces total disk inertia VS having 2-3 disk with drive hubs singularly attached to the disk.

Full floating disk V Drive style kits are meant for quick shifts at high RPMS and will release the disks well at all RPM levels for clean, accurate high rpm shifts.

Our kits will drive better than most other metallic twin/triple style clutches on the market however they are still aggressive by nature but are not completely ON/OFF type clutches so you can modulate the clutch to some degree.

*For street/track mixed use we recommend our custom Street-Race Clutch/CMAK Release System Combo for better/smoother engagement characteristics. This is still a RACE CLUTCH but is more manageable on the street than the full race version.  

*For race use only we recommend our Full Race Clutch/CMAK Release System Combo for quickest release/engagement  



  • 350ZHR 2007-2008
  • 370Z 2009+


  • G35S VQ35HR 2007-2008 Sedan 6MT
  • Infiniti G37 2008+
  • Infiniti Q60 2014-2016


Kits come complete with

  • Clutch and Flywheel Assy with hardware
  • ZSpeed CMAK Clutch Actuation Kit (replaces internal Concentric Slave)
  • ZSpeed Stainless Clutch Hose
  • Throw Out Bearing
  • ZSP High Strength Flywheel Bolts (8) 
  • Pilot Bushing
  • Clutch Alignment tool 



Additional information

Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 8 in
Choose model

370Z G37 G35S Q60, 350Z

Choose Style

Full-Race Twin Disk, Full-Race Triple Disk, Street-Race Twin Disk, Street-Race Triple Disk

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