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ZSpeed Stage 3 Super Street Clutch and Forged 18lb Steel Flywheel



Our Stage 3 Super Street kit is the perfect kit for the N/A or Boosted car that gets driven hard on a daily basis, Not only will this clutch perform at the limit it will still drive good for daily use if needed, Quick clutch action and high strength is what this kit is all about.

Super street pressure plate has 2700lbs of clamping force or 1,000lbs more than stock and will hold well into the 600WHP range

Rated TQ of 550 (crank) works great with most boosted applications.  Pedal effort on this kit will increase from stock but is still very comfortable.

Kit includes

ZSpeed Stage 3 Clutch Kit with High TQ, High Strength, Racing inspired Ultra Fiber woven clutch linings.

ZSpeed Stage 3 Super Street Pressure plate, 2700lb clamp force

ZSpeed Forged Steel LW 18.5lb Flywheel

OEM Bronze Pilot bushing

Clutch disk Alignment tool.

Clutch Release (throw out) Bearing

Recommended uses

High power street, Track, HPDE, Light Drag Racing

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 15 × 7 in


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