HKS Hipermax S Series Coilovers 370Z



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The three existing MAX IV GT series become HIPERMAX S on 2021.

9 years have passed since the launch of MAXIVGT, and during that time we have developed new technologies.

It will be a new series that has all three conventional model’s characteristics, and been evolved by damping force characteristics, durability, and beauty. The HIPERMAX S series offers the best ride in HKS suspension history.



HIPERMAX S Technical Features


Dual PVS

We evolved the existing preload valve system to the dual preload valve system to suppress the generation of unnecessary damping force during higher piston speeds.This provides major improvement in ride comfort without influencing the driving performance.

80300- Hipermax S dual PVS_1.jpg 80300- Hipermax S dual PVS_2.jpg


Wide range damping force adjustment mechanism

The improved shape of the Needle jet expand the range of damping force adjustment. This makes us possible to handle driving on a wider range of stages.

80300- Hipermax S Neddle Jet.jpg


Evolution of Bump stop rubber

A new shape of bump stop rubber reduces the body roll and achieves ride comfort at the same time which cannot be achieved with general hydro bump stop rubber.

80300- Hipermax S bump stop rubber.jpg


Low friction technology

With advanced tribology technology, we have achieved even higher durability and lower friction than conventional products. This technology contributes to improved ride quality and handling performance.

80300- Hipermax S Low Friction.jpg


3-year warranty

Compared to the one-year warranty period of the conventional MAX IV GT series, the HIPERMAX S Series has a three-year warranty due to optimized internal parts and quality improvement.




Additional information

Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 16 × 12 in


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