ZSpeed Performance 350Z CMAK V3 Clutch Movement Alteration Kit Nissan CSC Delete

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ZSpeed CMAK V3 Clutch Movement Alteration Kit CSC Clutch Slave Cylinder CSC Delete Kit

Nissan 350Z HR 2007-2008 2009 Roadster

Made In USA!

If your Nissan 350Z clutch slave cylinder has failed or blown out, you know how expensive it can be to do multiple times!  Never worry about it again with the ZSpeed CMAK Retrofit kit!

This kit is very simple to install, it literally takes only a few minutes once transmission is removed!

ZSpeed Performance CMAK Deletes the internal Concentric Clutch Slave Cylinder also know as a “CSC”.

  • CMAK Replaces the OEM CSC with a Heavy Duty Clutch Fork Assembly with an Externally mounted premium Clutch Slave Cylinder. This slave can be changed without removing the transmission quickly and easily if ever needed.
  • All kits Include a ZSpeed Rubber Bellhousing Dust Boot   This boot completely seals of the outside elements like Water, Dirt and Debris. If there is no boot on the bellhousing and instead an aluminum cover like some kits , the clutch, flywheel and input shaft can rust and cause issues!
  • Works with virtually all “properly built” OEM and aftermarket single disk clutch kits.
    Retains same pedal pressure, stroke and feel as the OEM internal CSC (concentric clutch slave)
  • Not recommended with Z1 Motorsports Clutch Kits due to many customer complaints about improper clutch release, However, is proven to work properly with any other single disk clutch on the current market.
  • We highly recommend pairing this kit with our ZSpeed Clutch & Flywheel package offerings as they are properly designed, Proper height, work and release correctly without issues and provide maximum clutch life! We use only the best parts to build our clutches. 

EASY to install, Quick and Painless 100% BOLT ON! No Adjustments, No Measurements, No Modifications needed!

No Pesky, Time consuming Set-up Measurements unlike other CSC Elimination kits on the market that require constant adjustments over time.

  •  Zspeed CMAK CSC Delete automatically adjusts for clutch wear.
  • Includes ZSpeed Rubber Fork Dust boot to completely seal off the outside to inside of the trans from weather/debris.
  • Does not increase pedal effort. Keeps hydraulic fluid clean = Less Maintenance, Reduces Master Cylinder Wear
  • Retains Stock Release Stroke.
  • High Strength Steel Full Length Fork and Pivot assembly with Bronze Bearing will never break or fail, No chance of Pivot Ball Failure!
  • Heat treated steel bearing guide tube.
  • Built Solid from the ground up this kit is by far the best on the market for your Z or G
  • Replacement “wear” parts, Slave Cylinder & Release Bearing, are easily sourced from us, Nissan OEM or in the aftermarket!


ZSPEED CMAK V3 Installation instructions

 Installation Instructions that are included with kit

When switching to our CMAK it is the perfect time to upgrade your clutch and flywheel! We have many high quality options to choose from here !

If you are not installing a new clutch at the same time as your new CMAK CSC Delete also change your clutch pilot bushing at the same time, These are notorious for making noise after r&r of the transmission. TIP! > We recommend asking for your old parts from your mechanic to be sure it was changed!


Fits 2007-2009 Nissan 350Z


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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 3 in

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    I am even more impressed with these parts than I was hoping for.

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